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Back in the buckbuck
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Side by side comparison on my chainsaws; 14 inch electric is lightweight, quiet, easy to handle but the extension cord can be a pain. 18 inch gas is loud, a bit heavier, and more work to handle. But omg it slices through pretty much everything like butter and it’s so much more fun

Side by side comparison on my chainsaws; 14 inch electric is lightweight, quiet, easy to handle but the extension cord can be a pain. 18 inch gas is loud, a bit heavier, and more work to handle. But omg it slices through pretty much everything like butter and it's so much more fun
Instagram: @november1777

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Salt Factory Review

Parking on Friday and Saturday nights is by valet only. When you pull up, there is a big sign that says, “STOP HERE FREE VALET”,  but then there is a $1 gratuity fee listed on the valet parking ticket I was given. I was told they don’t accept debit/credit cards, so I thought this was a little inconvenient, because who carries cash anymore these days, anyways? I felt a little guilty about stiffing the valet on the gratuity or tip or whatever that $1 is supposed to be.

The outdoor seating was really nice but its really wide open and they have too few patio heaters to really make it comfortable when its chilly or breezy outside.

The ambiance is really nice. The booth seats are comfortable, although the low backs really take away any sense of privacy or coziness that this restaurant could easily have. It tries hard to make you look around and be impressed by the decorations – which aren’t that impressive nor add very much character. Although, When the lights go down it adds a very “stay here and hang out” kind of aura to the whole thing. Unfortunately that aura is very, very deceptive.

The server was really nice and a bit humorous, but also came across as very impatient and a bit pressuring; boxing up food, asking if I wanted another beer and bringing the new beer before the one I already had was finished, closing out the bill before I even asked for it and more or less hurrying me out the door (there were a couple of open tables so I don’t know what the big rush was). I very easily could have stayed there another couple of hours but she really kinda got a little unwelcoming after I told her I wasn’t ready for another beer yet (she basically brought them one after another and I ended up almost pounding one of them because she was trying to take the cup before I was done with it). Not a problem, I walked my happy ass down the street and ran a tab up there instead, although I would have been perfectly happy to stick around Salt Factory to do so.

I had the Pizza Marguerite. Considering they only have a limited pizza menu and “Pizza” is in the name as a specialty, I guess I expected a little more quality than what I got.

For one thing, the pizza was undercooked (The thought, “YOU ONLY HAD ONE JOB!” was running through my head). Although, I have to say thats actually better than the last Marguerite I had at Salt Factory because that time it was burnt to a crisp, which gave it the texture of one of those Red Baron frozen pizzas when you accidentally leave the Red Baron in the oven 5 minutes too bueno. Also, I noticed a lot of bubbles in the crust which is what you get when its carelessly rolled out and then sits in a too-hot oven and doesn’t get rotated properly.

The dough itself seemed to be fresh, though, so +1.

What’s a pizza without talking about the toppings? The cheese and sauce were basically just a big puddle of goo in the middle of the pizza. Unfortunately, very little of the toppings actually made it towards the outside; so the crust itself ended up being kind of like a piece of that zwieback toast that you give to teething babies when they start getting fussy. The prep work on the tomatoes was just…sigh. Clearly the same tomatoes they prep cut for whatever dinner salads they make. I’m not really sure what happened to the basil because I didn’t see any, nor could I really even taste it. I did see some dried basil in the sauce. If thats what they pass as basil for a Marguerite, then thats just…smh…sad and depressing.

Clearly, my Marguerite Pizza was the product of an unloving kitchen. Which is sad, because Marguerite Pizzas are named after Queen Marguerite of Italy and the green basil, red tomato, and white mozzarella are supposed to symbolize the italian flag (she invented that kind of pizza or something), My Marguerite wasn’t royal, didn’t really remind me of Queen Marguerite, nor the Italian flag, and honestly I believe the cheese had kind of a yellow tint to it. If they’re doing their own “spin” on the Marguerite they really need to make that more clear in the menu and call it something different (and capitalize her name on the menu, damnit – details, people, details).

Overall, I rate it a 3/5. I’m not sure if I would really bother going back. I just don’t really see the value in the amateur pizzas their kitchen turns out, nor the point of going to a “pub” that rushes you out the door when you’re clearly just getting the night rolling.

Its just another boring cookie cutter chain restaurant masquerading as a gastropub, really, and the harder it struggles trying to project some sort of identity the harder it really fails. Just another blablabla startup food/beverage business venture trying to fit into the downtown Woodstock scene (which is mostly another bunch of blablabla startups).

Really nothing special and clearly judging from the way I got hurried out the door, they’d prefer people drank their beer elsewhere. Will do.

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Personal Experiences with Happy Hardcore

When I was first learning to really appreciate techno music, back in good ol 97′, Best Buy was still the spot to get new music at. I drove up there with a friend looking for techno CDs. Not knowing the different genres of music, I came across a compilation CD called “Happy to be Hardcore” (Anabolic Frolic) in the techno section. Thinking, “I like metal, and this hardcore stuff sounds like it’d be pretty good.” I paid $9.99 for the CD and we went driving off. I flipped on my 350watt 12’s, popped the CD into the CD player, and turned it up. What followed …was …horrible.

 Track 1: Eruption, Reach out. What. the. fuck. Skipped

Track 2: JDS, Higher Love (Slipmatt remix). The most horrible synthesizers to ever be burned to a CD. ever. Skipped

Track 3: DJ DNA, Go Insane (Future Primitive Remix). This is the point where I hit stop on the CD.

Best Buy had a return policy where an opened CD was unreturnable and unexchangeable, and this was the worst music investment I had ever made. I offered the CD to my friend and he said no thanks. I didn’t really know what else to do, so I rolled down my window and tossed it out like a frisbee.

Happy hardcore is the worst music ever created. 

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